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The Way It Is

Your grass and crop lands are a vital asset. In today's economy, expenses are at an all time high. Fortunately, the compensation for the commodities produced is high, as well.

What Stops It from Being the Way It Should Be

It's certainly more feasible to increase production, but while that can certainly translate into greater quantities, it doesn't address the issue of quality. Interestingly enough is the fact that, regardless of whether your land produces a poor or excellent yield, money and time spent during the harvest are the same. It's therefore important to take steps to ensure that producing an excellent and quality yield during each harvest is successful. Many factors contribute to poor yields. For example, troublesome weeds are not only unsightly, but take away from the vigor and water supply needed for the desirable vegetation to thrive.

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Mark and Cindy were both raised on the plains of Colorado and Kansas in ag-related environments, so they understand the importance of quality yields.

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CynMar's Difference Is Visible!

Our fertilizer is of the highest quality, and can be blended to fit your property’s needs — we don't cheat and use a "one size fits all" blend. Whether it's fertilization, insect or weed control, we can address those issues for you and help you make sure that your land yields excellent results. We also offer reseeding/seeding to improve the strength of existing growth, which will help with the weed control. CynMar has the expertise and equipment to perform these tasks in a timely and professional manner.

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