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Range & Pasture: Noxious Weed Control

They call them "noxious" because these weeds are the most obnoxious things on the planet. Noxious weeds sprout everywhere, and negatively impact our way of living; not to mention their ability to disrupt business in an economic and environmental way.

Noxious weeds are known to be aggressive and tend to move into sites that are disturbed, such as a site under renovation, or a site that's suffering from drought conditions. Native grasses have virtually no chance competing, and the noxious weeds claim victory and quickly take over.

CynMar's Solution

Noxious weeds can be controlled with a mix of strategies, tactics and treatments that are uniquely suited for each situation. Strategies most familiar to vegetation managers are:

  • Chemical Control: The application of herbicides used to remove or retard vegetation growth.
  • Cultural Control: The most cost effective prevention of problem vegetation can be accomplished by developinig stable plant communities dominated by desirable vegetation.
  • Mechanical Control: Utilizes motorized equipment are used to remove or suppress unwanted vegetation.

Whatever the situation, no matter how bad the area looks, we can win the battle.

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At first glance, they seem to be be an unstoppable army. But there's no need to worry; there are plenty of options when it comes to dealing with noxious weeds.

We use environmentally sound solutions to win the war. And the best part is that everything we do is cost effective for you!

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