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Professional Lawn Care Services

Our clients expect nothing less than the the best lawn possible, so if you're looking for bragging rights in your neighborhood this year, we've got great news for you: CynMar now offers high-end residential lawn care at a remarkable price. Our comprehensive lawn care program will provide your grass the nutrients it needs, as well as eliminate all those pesky weeds and insects that damage it.

We offer three programs that feature fertilization, insect and grub control, pre- and post-emergent weed control, and general weed control (driveways, rock areas, etc.).

Do the "Two-step Dance!"

This plan is designed for warm season grasses (Buffalo, Bermuda, etc.) and is the most economical of all. You'll get two applications of:

1. Pre/post-emergent weed control
2. Fertilization
3. Insect control
Go "Green" and SAVE!

Our Green program is designed for cool season grasses and is the little brother to the "All In" program. It includes three applications of:

1. Pre/post-emergent weed control
2. Fertilization
4. Iron
If you go in, go "All In"

When we say "All In," that's exactly what we mean! This comprehensive 4-step program is for true lawn lovers, and consists of four applications of:

1. Pre/post-emergent weed control
2. Fertilization
3. Insect and grub control
4. Iron
5. Autumn application

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Have you seen our ad for high-end residential lawn care at Trinidad Golf Course? If you live in Trinidad, call us to schedule residential lawn care and we'll throw in a FREE gift!

NEW! We've developed our own fertilizer mix (details in lower section), and guarantee you nothing less than spectacular results. So ask yourself: are you ready for a beautiful lawn this season?


Aside from the obvious benefit of basking in the glory of your deep green lawn, you'll no longer need to purchase and store insane amounts of fertilizer equipment and products. And more importantly, you won't need to worry about applying the right amount of fertilizer and weed killer in the proper doses at the right time. With our touch, your lawn maintenance will be reduced to simply mowing and watering, which we'll be happy to do for you, as well!

Introducing "Deep Green Fertilizer"

Introducing "Deep Green Fertilizer" Because we use a proprietary fertilizer mix — we invented it — for our Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas clients, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We're not kidding; you read that right: if our fertilizer doesn't provide satisfactory results, simply contact us and we'll make it right before you can say "this thing ain't workin'!" Unlike other vendors, you have our word on it. Don't wait another day to enjoy the perfect lawn you've always wanted. Summer will be here before you know it, so call us now and get ready to sink your feet into a plush and deep green lawn for a price that won't break the bank!

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