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Industrial & Rights-of-Way

Working with governmental, industrial, and private sectors, CynMar has proven experience in developing and implementing Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Plans (IRVM). We can design and implement a mix of strategies, tactics and treatments that are best suited for you or your company's situation.

The CynMar approach for roadside management is designed to complement your vision, mission and goals. A successful program will allow you to better achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide safe and reliable transportation
  • Comply with legal mandates
  • Be cost effective
  • Provide improved aesthetics and better visibility
  • Be environmentally responsible
  • Decrease the need for mechanical control and labor

When it comes to Roadside Vegetation, there's not much room for error. Our experienced, trained and licensed personnel will assure your objectives are carried out to the highest standard throughout the seasons. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we're well equipped to handle any sized problem quickly, accurately and reliably.

The Bare-ground Option

In certain situations it's desirable and/or necessary for all vegetation to be removed from a particular site, especially when brush poses a fire danger. In these instances, we offer a bare-ground vegetation control option to protect the functional usage of the site. Direct benefits include:

  • Reduction of fire hazards
  • Reduction of accident frequency
  • Reduced risk of loss of tools and equipment Improved aesthetics, which directly affects property values
  • Significantly helps facilitatiing site inspections
  • Reduction of corrosion Impairs breeding grounds for vermin, such as: snakes, roaches, ants, spiders, rats and mice.

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When it comes to treating industrial & rights-of-way and rangeland, we provide the following services:

  • Troublesome/noxious weed control
  • Brush control
  • Total vegetation control
  • General weed control
  • Plant growth regulator


Using modern chemistry, PGR is a means to retard vegetation growth without hurting desirable plant communites in the immediate area. This measure is very cost effective in comparison to mowing, and is less damaging to the plant.

We spray in early spring and mow once in June. This methodology was created by the owner while he was with the Colorado Department of Transporation.

The bare-ground option is utilized by sites where fire risk is high.

Our Solution

We start out by providing initial and maintenance treatments as part of a multi-year program. This type of planned approach ensures consistent, predictable and cost-effective weed control. An initial pre-emergence application must be used to clean up areas previously untreated or neglected. This normally requires the use of a high rate of persistent herbicides to achieve complete control during the first year. Annual maintenance treatments applied to bare-ground sites offer the best performance at the lowest cost. A yearly evaluation is advisable in order to note the "escapes" and fine-tune the following year's herbicide treatment. If the site remains clean, we'll continue the use of the standard maintenance treatment thereafter.

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